World war 2 research papers

About an hour later, when Ferdinand was returning from a visit at the Sarajevo Hospital with those wounded in the assassination attempt, the convoy took a wrong turn into a street where, by coincidence, Princip stood. With a pistol, Princip shot and killed Ferdinand and his wife Sophie . The reaction among the people in Austria was mild, almost indifferent. As historian Zbyněk Zeman later wrote, "the event almost failed to make any impression whatsoever. On Sunday and Monday (28 and 29 June), the crowds in Vienna listened to music and drank wine, as if nothing had happened." [31] [32] Nevertheless, the political impact of the murder of the heir to the throne was significant and has been described as a " 9/11 effect ", a terrorist event charged with historic meaning, transforming the political chemistry in Vienna. [33] And although they were not personally close, the Emperor Franz Joseph was profoundly shocked and upset.

Then out with the fire tin, in with the petrol, brew tin filled with water, and we stood round shivering slightly in the cool air waiting for the sun to come up over the horizon, watching the reddening sky, waiting for the full flood of light before we could light up. The air was crystal clear and cold, our wadi etched with a dark-rimmed silhouette. Other tanks stood out stark in the morning light; other figures stood around their tins. Then over the horizon flooded a warm yellow glow, eating up the shadows, swallowing the tight-drawn outlines.

World war 2 research papers

world war 2 research papers


world war 2 research papersworld war 2 research papersworld war 2 research papersworld war 2 research papers