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Group 6 subjects are considered electives, thus an IB Diploma candidate may substitute a variety of courses from other subject groups in lieu of taking a Group 6 course. This would result in a student studying an extra language , taking an extra social science or experimental science course, or taking Further Mathematics HL (provided that student is already taking Mathematics HL ). The Group 3 Information in a Global Society (ITGS) course would be taken only as sixth subjects, as they do not satisfy the IB Diploma requirements for their respective subject groups.

Philosophers have identified these four ways of knowing: Sense Perception, Language, Emotion/intuition and Logics/Reason. Pick one fact that you know and ask yourself what the sources of this piece of knowledge are. From where do you know it? You will soon discover that it is possible to trace you knowledge back to one of these four Ways of Knowing. Let’s start with a little example: “I know that atoms exist”. How do you know it? Have you ever seen, heard or felt atoms before? I can hardly imagine. Sense perception is therefore an unlikely source. Do you intuitively and emotionally feel their existence? Hopefully not! The most likely source of this knowledge is that someone told, most probably a teacher, you or that you read about them. The source of this knowledge is therefore language. Continue reading »

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Tok prescribed essay

tok prescribed essay


tok prescribed essaytok prescribed essaytok prescribed essaytok prescribed essay