Sample of observation essay

MIT entrance exam is split into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Design Aptitude Test (January) is a written exam of 100 marks for 3 hours. There are 2 parts to the written exam:
Part 1: Common Foundation Paper – 40 marks – hours
Part 2: Specialization Paper – 60 marks – hours
The DAT tests each student’s ability in Design Problem Solving, Visual Sense, Observation & Perception, Environmental Awareness, Mental Ability and Communication skills through a range of visual and textual questions.

Phase 2: It consists of Studio test, Personal Interview and Portfolio presentation (April). The Studio test generally has 3 parts- doodling, 3D modeling and observation tests. The studio tests at PG level are specific to each design specialization.

Have you ever put together a jigsaw puzzle? How do you usually begin? Which pieces do you try to find first? Don't you look carefully for the most obvious pieces ( ), the corner pieces. Which pieces do you try to identify next? The next most obvious pieces are those with straight edges. Can you see how this analogy relates to the study of a book of the Bible? Once you have connected all these puzzle pieces together, you have a framework or " context " in which to place ("understand") the less obvious pieces of the puzzle. You will find that by beginning to observe the obvious, then the things within a book that are not easy to see or understand will eventually become clearer, "rising" to the surface even as you focus on those things that are obvious. And as you begin to grasp the context of the book, it will help you in your interpretation of the difficult, unclear or obscure parts of the book. But even as you have to invest some time to find the obvious pieces to establish the context of the puzzle, so too you will usually need to read a book (chapter) several times in order to begin to see the context and to begin to understand what the author is repeating or emphasizing (see key words below).

Sample of observation essay

sample of observation essay


sample of observation essaysample of observation essaysample of observation essaysample of observation essay