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Right-wing totalitarian governments that have claimed to strive for autarky have often pursued a very different policy in fact, similar to how some claimed to be in favor of socialism while killing socialists. In 1921 Italian Fascists attacked existing left-wing autarkic projects at the behest of large landowners, destroying roughly 119 labor chambers, 107 cooperatives and 83 peasant offices that year alone [10] . Nazi Germany under economics minister Hjallmar Schacht claimed to strive for self-sufficiency but still pursued major international trade, albeit under a different system to escape the terms of the Treaty of Versailles . The regime would continue to conduct trade, including with countries like the ., including connections with major companies like IBM and Coca-Cola .

Implicit in the NIEO Declaration was the assumption that a shared interest in rearranging global economic governance provided a sufficient basis for political solidarity. Sharp divisions existed within the G-77 about political tactics, however. For the more radically inclined proponents of the NIEO, the fulfillment of a new order meant rolling back Western power and augmenting the power of local elites who ruled in the name of their own peoples. Typical of this stance was Algerian president Houari Boumediene, who would emerge as perhaps the single most prominent political proponent of the NIEO. The site of a particularly vicious colonial war of independence, Algeria’s ultimate victory represented the promise and efficacy of simultaneous confrontation with the north across diplomatic, economic, political, and legal channels: for Boumediene there was a direct line from the Battle of Algiers to the NIEO. 20  Speaking of a “dialectic of domination and plundering on the one hand, and the dialectic of emancipation and recovery on the other,” he warned of an “uncontrollable conflagration” should the north refuse to cede “control and use of the fruits of resources belonging to the countries of the Third World.” 21

Prebisch thesis

prebisch thesis


prebisch thesisprebisch thesisprebisch thesisprebisch thesis