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On the other hand, much of the controversy over Clausewitz reflects the pedestrian fact that he was a German soldier and military thinker. His writings accept the existence of political violence as inevitable—a view that any honest examination of human evolution and history must sustain. Nonetheless, in the wake of German wars of aggression in the 20th century, that background is inherently suspicious to many people. So is the fact that Clausewitz's theories were adapted in various ways by Hitler and by Marxists like Engels, Lenin, and Mao. Clausewitz's reputation has also been clouded by British and French propaganda written during the World Wars, writings that sought to draw a straight line from the aggressions of Frederick the Great, through Clausewitz, to Hitler. More confusion has been generated by the distortions or honest misunderstandings of would-be competitors, most notably . Liddell Hart from the 1920s to 1970 and Martin van Creveld today, and by the sheer ignorance of pop-historians like John Keegan . (Keegan demonstrably knows nothing about Clausewitz and shows no evidence of having ever read any of his writings, but he has become widely accepted as a major commentator nonetheless.) Van Creveld's notion of " non-Clausewitzian war ,"—., "non-trinitarian war"—is based on a gross misreading of five key paragraphs in On War by another (and, ironically, pro -Clausewitz) writer, Colonel Harry G. Summers . There is as well the odd fact that Clausewitz's own proponents tend to tie his reputation too tightly to their own idiosyncratic notions and contemporary concerns. For instance, his 1908 British editor, Colonel . Maude , enthusiastically inserted all sorts of anachronistic imperialist and Social Darwinist notions into his edition of On War . Anatol Rapoport , the editor of Penguin's 1968 (Vietnam-era) paperback edition (still sold today) severely abridged Clausewitz's own writings but unaccountably retained Maude's extraneous introduction, commentary, and notes—and then used Maude's errors to condemn Clausewitz as a monster. [Maude's introduction is here .] [Do you know which translation you have ?]

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Paret essay

paret essay


paret essayparet essayparet essayparet essay