Outline for gay marriage essay

I have had some wonderfully supportive gay men in my life including past boyfriends, I have had some support from straight people to including girlfriends and straight male friends. Now was the discrimination from the gay community worse than the straight community? Well the discrimination from part of the straight community has been violent in which I feared my life and safety and often from the extremely ignorant. But the discrimination in the gay community has been insidious it has had an accumulative effect and if I listed it off you would probably agree how terrible it is including job discrimination, gay men trying to break me up with women, harassment in school and professional contexts. The discrimination from some gay men is shocking to me, because it has come often from the most “liberal” segment of the population who really should know better or in the very least listen.

Some have suggested that we have brought this case too soon, and that neither the country nor the courts are "ready" to tackle this issue and remove this stigma. We disagree. We represent real clients—two wonderful couples in California who have longtime relationships. Our lesbian clients are raising four fine children who could not ask for better parents. Our clients wish to be married. They believe that they have that constitutional right. They wish to be represented in court to seek vindication of that right by mounting a challenge under the United States Constitution to the validity of Proposition 8 under the equal-protection and due-process clauses of the 14th Amendment. In fact, the California attorney general has conceded the unconstitutionality of Proposition 8, and the city of San Francisco has joined our case to defend the rights of gays and lesbians to be married. We do not tell persons who have a legitimate claim to wait until the time is "right" and the populace is "ready" to recognize their equality and equal dignity under the law.

In scripture, there is not a ranking of sins, this is a man made construct. Too many Christians tend to rank sexual sins as more abhorrent then stealing a cookie…..if it wasn’t for God’s grace both acts will separate us from him. Remember, we were born into sin and if it wasn’t for the cross we would be eternally separated from the Lord…..even if we did everything 100% right. This leads us to the conclusion that we should welcome the LGBT community into church with open arms……and I would subscribe to this perspective.

Outline for gay marriage essay

outline for gay marriage essay


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