Nick carraway reliable narrator essay

Nick and Gatsby had a very strong relationship, and it can be seen through Nick’s many dealings with Gatsby. As a result of their strong connection, Nick’s narration of The Great Gatsby becomes heavily biased towards Gatsby’s favor, often highlighting the events that show Gatsby’s good character in a good light, whilst downplaying the unfavorable ones. Knowing how biased Nick is towards Gatsby, it is helpful in a way that the readers will not only understand Gatsby, but also understand Nick’s character— and how Nick deals with those close to him, in this case Gatsby. It shows that Nick is a loyal and true friend to Gatsby, despite his many, many flaws. He is willing to overlook many critical inadequacies that Gatsby had, all for the sole purpose of being his friend.

However, in Chapter 2, Nick’s narrative is particularly fragmented and disjointed which reflects his drunken state at the party in Tom’s flat in New York. Nick’s inebriation brings him to the same level of incoherence and inability to comprehend events as the other characters, thereby involving his audience in the same uncertainty. In this chapter, he is as confused as Myrtle, Tom, Catherine and the McKees, and, as the party becomes violent with Tom breaking Myrtle’s nose, he responds by leaving and his narrative becomes devoid of empathy. The connections between one event and another are also broken in this chapter, using ellipsis at the end to highlight the effect of discontinuity, creating a sense of an irrational and incomprehensible world where meaning is lost.

Nick carraway reliable narrator essay

nick carraway reliable narrator essay


nick carraway reliable narrator essaynick carraway reliable narrator essaynick carraway reliable narrator essaynick carraway reliable narrator essay