Newspaper carrier terminology

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc. Madison County residents will be paying more for fire protection and solid waste treatment this coming year. During the final public hearing concerning the special assessments on Tuesday, Sept. 26, the Madison County Board of County Commissioners voted to increase both the fire assessment and the solid waste assessment for the next fiscal year (FY). At the beginning of the meeting, Madison County Solid Waste Coordinator Jerome Wyche spoke about the Solid Waste Department and the improvements that have been made over the past years….

She (a mother of two kids, under ten) "enjoys doing it" (waking up before 4 AM to deliver news papers). "Enjoyment" must have a different meaning in this part of Oklahoma, than the way I usually use it. And, how can the police conclude, that the crash (because it's possible, that it wasn't' an accident) was due to her "falling asleep?" Possibly a bison got lose, and was wandering around in front of her oncoming car, and she swerved to avoid it. Whose responsible for her insurance, her auto policy? Or the Tulsa World's employees insurance coverage? These questions need answers, unless this tragedy needs to simply "be swept under the rug."

Newspaper carrier terminology

newspaper carrier terminology


newspaper carrier terminologynewspaper carrier terminologynewspaper carrier terminologynewspaper carrier terminology