Japanese deathnote semiotic essay

Net Guy Sep 02 2015 4:29 pm To JoJo: Wow.. I was very surprised by your review.. I respect your views but I would like to comment that this is a Japanese drama.. It's normal for Japanese people like us to have dramas like these and the reactions are quite normal..... Maybe you have not seen many of our type of work and culture?? Beside your different perspective about how our drama are, you said that you don't care about 'straying from source material' but you talked about it again in the end... Realistically nothing in Death Note, manga/anime/movie/drama, is realistic so I do not understand your realistic vs unrealistic argument. Anyway, I came here to read some foreign reviews but in the end, I am just so surprised by your comment haha. I hope I'm not saying bad thing to you. Please forgive me if so.

A girl with an immense crush on Kira, Misa is a popular idol in Japan. She is immature and tends to refer to herself in the third person in an attempt to be cute. Misa is completely devoted to Light, and she once said that she loved him at first sight. Light, however, only views her as an asset to his plans because of her Death Note and her Shinigami Eyes (which she obtained at the cost of half of her remaining life span, twice). Misa devotes herself to Light because he killed her parents' murderer after several trials had failed to convict him.

Japanese deathnote semiotic essay

japanese deathnote semiotic essay


japanese deathnote semiotic essayjapanese deathnote semiotic essayjapanese deathnote semiotic essayjapanese deathnote semiotic essay