Example chinese new year essay

Another reason we need time zone is because of the Intercalary Lunar Month. The conception month is supposed to the Chinese lunar month. Chinese lunar calendar is very complicate here. In order to match up the solar and lunar cycles, Chinese invented the leap month (Intercalary Month). For example, Year of 2017 Chicken has leap 6th lunar months . That means there are two 6th lunar months in 2017 . There is no leap month indicator in the Chinese baby gender chart. That tells us that sometimes to find the correct conception month is not that easy. We will discuss more about this issue in the Baby Gender Survey page. Note: The reason 2018 Chinese New Year comes so late because of the leap 6th lunar month in 2017.

There is also an associated festival of Little New Year ( 小正月 , koshōgatsu ) , traditionally celebrating the first full moon of the new year, on the 15th day of the first lunar month (approximately mid-February). This is now sometimes celebrated on January 15, in various main events of Koshōgatsu are rites and practices praying for a bountiful harvest; rice gruel with azuki beans ( 小豆粥 , azukigayu ) is traditionally eaten in the morning and is involved in the rice gruel divination ceremony . Further, New Year decorations are taken down around this date, and some temples hold events, such as at Tōrin-in .

Example chinese new year essay

example chinese new year essay


example chinese new year essayexample chinese new year essayexample chinese new year essayexample chinese new year essay