Essays on yoga

Maybe it seems quite expensive to go through the training. No question, even though the Zenways yoga teacher training is one of the best-value courses in the UK, it’s not cheap. That is, until you work out how long it would take to earn the money to pay back your training costs. If you teach two classes a day (London professionals may be doing anything up to five and we’re assuming an average of £50 per class) you’ll pay for your training in under a month. We don’t know of many other professions where you can cover your training costs that quickly and where you get to go to bed with such a sense of satisfaction.

According to the Hamsa (swan) Upanishad, nada manifests itself as ten different sounds, which are heard by adepts and yogis in the subtle planes in the progressive stages of their spiritual advancement. Hearing them is a sure sign of success on the path. These sounds are the sound of cini, of cini-cini, of bell, of conch, of harp, of cymbals, of flute, of kettle drum, of tabor and of thunder clap. Of these only the last one should be cultivated. Different physical symptoms said to arise in the mind and the body as these sounds are heard, such as shaking of the head and sweetness in the mouth. When finally the last mentioned sound (thunder clap) is heard, one becomes identical with the transcendental Self (para Brāhman). The tantra shastras recognize Aum as the seed (bija) mantra and suggest its association with other mantras and names of Siva, Shakti and other divinities so as to increase their potency and vibration and hasten the process of purification and self-realization. Some of the well known and powerful mantras which are used in association with Aum as the prefix are mentioned below.

Essays on yoga

essays on yoga


essays on yogaessays on yogaessays on yogaessays on yoga