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As of February 2012, there are safety concerns about concrete degradation at the plant. Concrete surrounding an electric control tunnel at the nuclear plant has lost almost 22 percent of its strength and is showing signs of an alkali–silica reaction (ASR) because of more than a decade of ground-water infiltration, according to an NRC inspection report released in May 2011. A growing chorus of local politicians is "urging the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to halt the relicensing process for Seabrook Station until a long-term solution is implemented." [13]

Step 6: Reheat desuperheater disassembly. There was much more access to the reheat desuperheater given the larger size of its pipe—32-inch outer diameter (OD)—than the superheat pipe (18-inch OD). The liquid on the bolting is WD-40 used as a rust solvent. Courtesy: Tyco Flow Control

Step 7: Remove for inspection. The spray cylinder shows considerably more corrosion than the superheat unit because the unit is fabricated from a ferritic steel that is prone to oxidation. The superheat unit is constructed from F91. Courtesy: Tyco Flow Control

Essay of onofre pagsanghan

essay of onofre pagsanghan


essay of onofre pagsanghanessay of onofre pagsanghanessay of onofre pagsanghanessay of onofre pagsanghan