Endothermic reaction essay


  • melting ice cubes
  • melting solid salts
  • evaporating liquid water
  • making an anhydrous salt from a hydrate
  • forming a cation from an atom in the gas phase
  • splitting a gas molecule
  • separating ion pairs
  • cooking an egg
  • baking bread
Exothermic Reactions Endothermic Reactions
  • Combustion of hydrogen
  • dissolving lithium chloride in water
  • Burning of propane
  • dehydration of sugar with sulfuring acid
  • thermite
  • decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
  • decomposition od ammonium dichromate
  • halogenation of acetylene
  • Reaction of barium hydroxide octahydrate crystals with dry ammonium chloride
  • dissolving ammonium chloride in water
  • reaction of thionyl chloride (SOCl 2 ) with cobalt(II) sulfate heptahydrate
  • mixing water and ammonium nitrate
  • mixing water with potassium chloride
  • reacting ethanoic acid with sodium carbonate
  • photosynthesis (chlorophyll is used to react carbon dioxide plus water plus energy to make glucose and oxygen)
  An Endothermic Reaction- The reaction of barium hydroxide octahydrate crystals with dry ammonium chloride.

This series supports nationally recognized science standards NSTA and NCSESA.

Produced by the University of Maryland and the Educational Film Center. 1990.

            ISBN: 1-55946-223-X

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Endothermic reaction essay

endothermic reaction essay


endothermic reaction essayendothermic reaction essayendothermic reaction essayendothermic reaction essay