Cognitive psychology essays

International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology is associated with our 2nd International Conference on
Adolescent Medicine & Child Psychology during October 06-08, 2016 London, UK  with a theme "New Insights on advanced research and deciphering behavioral strategies in child development" We are particularly interested in Child Psychology, Neonatal Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Pediatric Psychology, Positive Psychology, Educational Psychology, Clinical Child Psychology, Autism spectrum disorder, Forensic Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience.

1. Despite the prevalent use of antidepressants, the fact remains that not all patients respond to them. Beck cites (in 1987) that only 60 to 65% of patients respond to antidepressants, and recent meta-analyses (a statistical breakdown of multiple studies) show very similar numbers. [27]
2. Many of those who do respond to antidepressants end up not taking their medications, for various reasons. They may develop side-effects or have some form of personal objection to taking the drugs.
3. Beck posits that the use of psychotropic drugs may lead to an eventual breakdown in the individual's coping mechanisms . His theory is that the person essentially becomes reliant on the medication as a means of improving mood and fails to practice those coping techniques typically practiced by healthy individuals to alleviate the effects of depressive symptoms. By failing to do so, once the patient is weaned off of the antidepressants, they often are unable to cope with normal levels of depressed mood and feel driven to reinstate use of the antidepressants. [28]

Cognitive psychology essays

cognitive psychology essays


cognitive psychology essayscognitive psychology essayscognitive psychology essayscognitive psychology essays