Classic film research paper

The original producers thought that a 1939 audience was too sophisticated to accept Oz as a straight-ahead fantasy; therefore, it was reconceived as a lengthy, elaborate dream sequence . Because of a perceived need to attract a youthful audience through appealing to modern fads and styles, the score had featured a song called " The Jitterbug ", and the script had featured a scene with a series of musical contests. A spoiled, selfish princess in Oz had outlawed all forms of music except classical and operetta , and went up against Dorothy in a singing contest in which her swing style enchanted listeners and won the grand prize. This part was initially written for Betty Jaynes . [18] The plan was later dropped.

As part of the national premiere of National Parks Adventure, CMC kicked off the opening of the film with a spectacle of skill and courage. Rachel Pohl, a 23-year-old climber and artist featured in the film, stood atop Union Terminal’s half dome in the middle of a cold winter breeze and swirling snow. Over 120 feet below her stood a crowd of fans and cameras who braved the chill to watch as she rappelled down the face of the national historic landmark. Without gloves, Rachel bounced her way down the front of Union Terminal before touching down to the cheers of onlookers.

” The Searcher (1956)
This movie was ahead of it’s time… one of the Best John Ford films ever made. John Ford takes to the Edge and almost
drops us off… A powerful movie about Hatred and Racism… They
were all Searching for the meaning…Also, one of the best of acting of John Wayne… His Character of Ethan Edwards and how
he deals with stress and hatred of the indian…Your sister has been kidnapped by indians and half your family has been wiped
out…When you see this movie you Search deep within yourself.
My # 1 Movie
Glenn E. Smith Jr.
Western Film Classics
Film — Buff
(*****) Five Stars and Beyond…

Classic film research paper

classic film research paper


classic film research paperclassic film research paperclassic film research paperclassic film research paper